If you've been suffering with neuropathy, we can help.

We help people to understand and alleviate their neuropathy without medication, injections, or surgery.

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Your Neuropathy Support Team

Evan Lewis, Founder of Premier Neuro Therapy

Leah Zinnert, Physical Therapist

With over 6 years of Neuro Therapy experience, Evan is an expert at helping clients to understand the main driver's behind ongoing neuropathy.

Leah provides expertise in understanding how our everyday movements affect neuropathic pain (and always manages to put a smile on client's faces.)

A Neuro Therapy Discovery Session

The first step in a successful neuropathy management process is to understand what causes it.  You'll have a chance to walk us through how it started, what you've already tried that didn't work, and why you believe it's continued to progress.




Once we understand the background information around your neuropathy, we'll take you through a variety of movements to see what you're most apprehensive about and what's most difficult for you.  This helps you to establish a baseline we can come back to over time, so you know whether or not you're improving.




Using a combination of electrical stimulation and movement, we start a process to reset the overactive neurologial signals contributing to your neuropathy. By the end of the session, most clients feel more relaxed and have less pain.

By the end of the Discovery Session, you'll have all the information you need to decide if Neuro Therapy is the right neuropathy solution for you.

So that we can understand your specific goals during the session, please fill out this 35 second form and show us how you think we might be able to help.  The more we know about you, the better we'll be able to understand you and how we can help.

All of your details are 100% safe with us. Based on the info you've provided, a Premier team member will reach out to discuss your application.

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